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For four years, my partner and I were the creative leads on the Business Solutions and Corporate half of the AT&T account. During that time, we introduced the "Power Of &" positioning, a flexible 360 brand platform that played out across multiple marketing channels and was uniquely ownable to AT&T. Here are a few of the many campaign pieces we made across numerous channels, as well as corporate work produced for the U.S. Masters and the Tribeca Film Festival.

AT&T Business Solutions - "Manufacturing"

AT&T Business Solutions - "Retail"

AT&T Business Solutions - "Healthcare"

AT&T Corporate - Tribeca Film Festival "Film Lover"

AT&T Corporate - Jordan Spieth "Gimme"

AT&T Corporate - Jordan Spieth "Laying Up"

AT&T Corporate - "Kid AR"

AT&T Business Solutions - "Stay With Me"

AT&T Business Solutions - "Farmer Ray"

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