Everyone knows the story of BlackBerry, the cellphone giant that fell on hard times. I was the Global Creative Director during the final years, and oversaw the relaunch of the brand and the launch of the BlackBerry Z10, the company's long-awaited answer to the iPhone. Of course we produced a global anthem, product spots and print. But there was also an extensive integrated campaign using singer Alicia Keys, writer Neil Gaiman and director Robert Rodriguez, where consumers were encouraged to collaborate with the celebrity via the Z10 and thus engage with the brand. Below are some samples from the campaign - the global launch anthem followed by launch films and home pages for the integrated campaign.

Global Relaunch - "Keep Moving" Anthem

"Keep Moving" Projects - Alicia Keys

"Keep Moving" Projects - Alicia Keys Homepage

"Keep Moving" Projects - Neil Gaiman

"Keep Moving" Projects - Neil Gaiman Homepage

"Keep Moving" Projects - Robert Rodriguez

"Keep Moving" Projects - Robert Rodriguez Home Page

European Anthem - "Those Who Do"